Palatin delivers treatments that

Harness the healing power of the melanocortin system

We discover and develop novel therapeutics for patients living with inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

Chronic inflammation is a consequence of many diseases, but current treatments often do not strike the right balance between efficacy, safety, and tolerability—leading to frustration for the patient and the physician alike.

By leveraging our expansive knowledge of the melanocortin system, we design our therapeutics to directly engage one of the body’s natural pathways to resolve harmful inflammation, providing a novel approach that allows affected tissue time to heal.

Our Science

Discover how activating the melanocortin system can help resolve harmful inflammation.

Our Pipeline

Armed with a novel strategy to resolve harmful inflammation, we are focused on developing treatments for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, starting with ocular conditions.

VYLEESI® (bremelanotide injection)

Join Us

At Palatin, we drive our culture with science. Our employees have unparalleled expertise related to the melanocortin system allowing them to develop potent, selective treatments for patients with unmet medical needs.


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