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Our vision

Armed with a novel approach for resolving inflammation and expertise ranging from drug discovery through FDA approval, we merge future-focused intention with data-driven innovation.

We have earned our reputation by developing Vyleesi® (bremelanotide injection), a novel treatment for women with generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). We are determined to leverage our unique insight into the industry and the melanocortin system to develop groundbreaking therapeutics for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, with a focus on ocular conditions.


Our management exemplifies the powerful combination of science and business. We support a fast-paced, efficient, nimble, and collaborative working environment that focuses on developing innovative treatments that work with the melanocortin system.

Carl Spana, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director

Stephen T. Wills, CPA, MST

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Treasurer and Secretary

Stephen Slusher

Chief Legal Officer

Michael Raizman, MD

Chief Medical Officer

John Dodd, PhD

Senior Vice President, Preclinical Development

James Hattersley

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Robert Jordan

Senior Vice President, Program Operations

Paul Kayne, PhD

Vice President, Biological Sciences

Nicole Pederson, MS

Executive Director, Quality Assurance

Samrat Sisodia, PhD

Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs

J. Don Wang, PhD

VP, Product Development

Board of Directors

Carl Spana, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

John K.A. Prendergast, PhD

Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Robert K. deVeer, Jr


J. Stanley Hull


Alan W. Dunton, MD


Arlene M. Morris


Anthony M. Manning, PhD



Palatin works with leading experts who help shape our research and advise on our clinical development programs.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of Palatin sets high standards for its employees, officers, and directors. The Board of Directors oversees the management of Palatin and follows the procedures and standards set forth in the guidelines below. The Board of Directors modifies these guidelines from time to time as it determines is in the best interests of Palatin or as required by applicable laws and regulations.

Reporting hotline

Palatin maintains a Reporting Hotline for reporting suspected violations of our Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics.

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