Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of Palatin sets high standards for its employees, officers, and directors. The Board of Directors oversees the management of Palatin and follows the procedures and standards set forth in the guidelines below. The Board of Directors modifies these guidelines from time to time as it determines is in the best interests of Palatin or as required by applicable laws and regulations.

Committee Composition

Audit Committee Compensation Committee
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Reporting hotline

Palatin maintains a Reporting Hotline for reporting suspected violations of our Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics.

Palatin is determined to operate in conformity with applicable laws and maintain a reputation for integrity in its business practices. Our Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics provides guidelines for conducting business in an ethical and legal manner.

While primarily intended for current Palatin employees, the hotline may be used by other interested parties, including vendors, customers, and former employees. Reports can be made for any suspected violation of the Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics, including

  • Trading on inside information or providing illegal tips
  • Workplace harassment or discrimination
  • Illegal gifts or bribes to or from government officials, vendors, or customers
  • Fraud, embezzlement, or theft
  • Questionable accounting or auditing matters
  • Conflict mineral sourcing

You may use either of these two methods – you can call 800-684-7679 or submit electronically

This site should be used only to report suspected violations of the Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics. Emergency matters and matters outside the scope of Palatin’s code should be directed to the appropriate authorities.

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